When most people think of radiologists, they picture doctors related to X-rays, sonography ,CT or MRI. But interventional radiologists like SITARAM BARATH, work inside the body, making crucial repairs that can eliminate the need for traditional surgery.

Using thin, flexible catheters inserted into blood vessels and watching with real-time ultrasound or X-rays, these physicians perform sophisticated procedures through small incisions. Minimally invasive techniques like these can treat everything from a stroke, brain aneurysm to varicose veins to cancer.

Dr. BARATH, who is Neuro and Vascular interventional radiologist in Udaipur, Rajasthan has years of experience with standard, underutilized, and cutting-edge interventional radiology techniques.

Passionate about neuro intervention he treats patients of stroke and brain hemorrhage by endovascular catheter bsased procedures,  thus saving lot of deaths and disability. Dr. Barath’s practice goes to touch on nearly every part of the body. He removes blood clots from veins, stop bleeding in the bowel and lung, and shrinks liver tumor and fibroids. He stents narrowed arteries in the legs, relieving the symptoms of peripheral artery disease like pain and cramping. For varicose vein, he offers sclerotherapy, and radiofrequecy ablation procedures.

Although these techniques are widely used in metropolitans, few practitioners have mastered it in Rajasthan.


News Achievement

Mechanical Embolactmy

A Stroke patient was successfully operated using “Mechanical Embolactmy” technique.

News Achievement

Brain haemorrhage

Successful treatment of brain haemorrhage using “Coiling” technique.

Intestinal Bleeding

Successful treatment of patient suffering from Intestinal bleeding.