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Trans lumbar Ivc permcath insertion first time in Rajasthan

Best interventional Radiologist in Udaipur

Yet another success story, a 54 years old woman with both the kidneys failed and even dialysis was not possible in any way, in such critical case Dr. Sitaram Barath and dr Mukhiya saved the life through trans lumber process. The lady was undergoing the process of dialysis in another private hospital from last 3 […]

Successful Treatment of Fistula in Brain without Open Surgery

Best interventional Radiologist in Udaipur

 मस्तिष्क में फिस्टूला का बिना ओपन सर्जरी सफल उपचार उदयपुर के न्यूरो एवं वेसक्यूलर न्यूरोलोजिस्ट डॉ सीताराम बारठ ने ५३ वर्षीय रोगी के अग्र मस्तिष्क के निचले भाग पर बन रहे फिस्टूला को बिना ओपन सर्जरी, एण्डो वेसक्यूलर एम्बोलाइजेशन प्रक्रिया द्वारा सफल उपचार किया। उदयपुर निवासी, देवी लाल (उम्र ५३ वर्श) अचानक चक्कर आने के […]

A 52 yrs old man retrieved successfully from Deep Coma

Best interventional radiologist in Udaipur

A 52 yrs old man retrieved successfully from Deep Coma CATHETER DIRECTED THROMBOLYSIS AND THROMBOSUCTION IN A PATIENT OF CEREBRAL SINUS THROMBOSIS Peepliyan, Mandsore resident Manohar Lal (52 years) got suddenly unconscious and was rushed to Geetanjali Hospital in emergency. He was suffering from cerebral sinus thrombosis. He underwent a procedure named Catheter Directed Thrombo […]